How I work

My practice is based on the ‘core conditions’ of person-centred counselling which means that I accept you for who you are, without judging you, and I offer empathy and honesty. I believe implicitly in the person-centred concept of the ‘actualising tendency’ – the ability of each one of us to grow, develop and reach our potential.

Seeing a counsellor is not like seeing a doctor because the counsellor is not the ‘expert’ in the counselling experience. The only ‘expert’ in the room is you – because you’re the person who knows yourself best.

While the person-centred approach forms the basis of how I work, I also use various creative therapies (such as art and visualisation) as well as elements of TA when appropriate. However, I believe it is up to you, the client, to lead the therapy – to regulate the pace at which progress is made and to accept or refuse methods of working that I offer. I also believe that the decision about what to focus on in any session should be yours and I will never try to persuade you to talk about something you are not ready or not willing to talk about. My aim is to allow you to travel your own road, while I provide support along the way, so that you can be helped to find a solution to your problems.

I work in a strictly ethical way (as laid down in the BACP Code of Ethics) for the benefit and safety of my clients. To conform with this code, I see a supervisor on a regular basis to discuss my client work. (Client anonymity is strictly preserved in supervision.)